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Pallets and Wood Pallet Recycling

Are you in need of wood pallet recycling? Do you have wood pallets sitting around and wish you could find someone to take them off your hands?

If you are interested in recycling your wood pallets in the Buffalo area or anywhere in the nation? Green Star Pallet and Recycling will take your pallets off your hands no matter the size.

  • We buy all types of wood pallets for recycling
  • All other sizes of pallets are recycled at no charge
  • Amazing service

We are a full service pallet recycling business that is dedicated to customer satisfaction and utilizing all scraps. We are focused on providing you with the best service possible while creating great business relationships.  Our nationwide network allows us to serve you with your pallet recycling needs to a tee.  Whether you produce a few pallets, or hundreds to thousands a month we can help.

If you are looking for quality and experience, and a reliable company you can trust then you have found it in Green Star Pallet and Recycling.

Contact us to find out how we can put a program for your pallet recycling in place today.