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It is important that we all do our part to keep the planet healthy and clean. Humans create so much waste all the time that if we are not careful with our waste disposal choices the environmental impact is devastating. This is especially true for business owners. A Business can contribute a ton of waste every year, sometimes literally. In fact, in 2010 alone, Americans contributed over two, hundred fifty million tons of trash to local landfills. These numbers will only grow in the future as populations and their consuming habits increase. Of course, it is impossible to eradicate waste entirely, but any step in the right direction helps.

Go GreenGreen Star Pallets and Recycling understands this, and appreciates that our customers are often looking for an environmentally friendly solution to their pallet recycling needs, and we pride ourselves on being capable of delivering that solution. Green Star Pallet and Recycling not only recycles pallets, but also lumber, plastics, and associated scraps. Green Star reconstructs these materials into new pallets which we then sell. As a legitimate business, we recycle our materials in accordance with all state and federal rules and regulations so there is no damage to the environment from our recycling process and none of our materials or byproducts end up headed to the junkyard. Not all of our competitors can say the same.

When it comes to recycling pallets, Green Star will take any pallet materials, including scraps. We recompress broken pallet materials into new pallets in a similar way to how they are made originally. The new pallets are just as strong and sturdy as the originals. Because of this process, we can use scraps as easily as full pallets. This saves a considerable amount of waste material from being scrapped.

By recycling your pallets with Green Star rather than dumping or selling them secondhand, you can be satisfied and comfortable in the knowledge that you’re waste is not hurting the environment in any way and will continue to see use in the future. Often people desire to go green for solutions but find that the actual process is too inconvenient or costly. At Green Star Pallets and recycling we are proud to say that this is not the case with our service. Not only are our services extremely affordable, but we will come to you and manage your pallets onsite quickly and efficiently. With Green Star, recycling pallets is actually cheaper and easier than dumping them.