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Green Star Pallet and Recycling is a privately owned business located at 3817 Lake Shore Drive in Dunkirk New York. Green Star’s owner is Matt Swank. Green Star has been in business for many years and brings that experience to bear in all forms of pallet management. Green Star has several operations but specializes in pallets. Thanks to a nationwide network, Green Star can go anywhere in the country to collect pallets and will collect all pallets regardless of size. Green Star’s environmental policies center on gathering all recyclable materials, so Green Star will take any pallet regardless of condition. It is this unconditional attitude towards the job that has made Green Star number one in the nation for pallet recycling.

Green Star Pallet and Recycling is a cost-efficient and ecofriendly solution to your pallet recycling needs. Green Star prides itself on customer satisfaction. Green star offers a reliable full service solution for waste disposal while providing an optimal monetary return for recycled material. Green Star believes that people do business with people, not businesses, and strives to generate beneficial long-term relationships with each of its clients. Green Star understands that you are running a business and do not have time for mistakes or unexpected problems and that you appreciate speed. To that end, Green Star is fast, professional and gets the job done right. Being the undisputed leader of pallet recycling across the United States, Green Star will always be your best choice for recycling in terms of price and efficiency.

Aside from pallet recycling, Green Star also offers a variety of other green solutions for your business. Green Star sells pallets and crates in a variety of affordable sizes and can create custom pallets to your exact specifications. In addition, Green Star’s pallet management experts are willing to come to you to make your pallet recycling and purchasing experience as painless and efficient as possible. Although focused on pallet management, Green Star also purchases #1 to 7 plastics for recycling and raw lumber for pallet construction. Green Star’s operational capabilities are exceptional so quantity is never an issue.

Regardless of the type, quality, or quantity of pallets you need to dispose of, or the location those pallets are stored at, Green Star can handle the job affordably. Green Star Pallet and Recycling offers free quotes to all prospective clients so call (704) 577-4416 and get your free quote today!